Yeah Racing RC Synthetic Small Parts Tray
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This is a Yeah Racing RC Collapsible Synthetic Tray ideally for your RC parts. Have you ever lost your tiny parts while you making or maintaining your RC? Spend too much time to look for the missing parts rather than making your RC perform better?? If you say yes to one of the above question than this tray is a MUST-have item for you.

The tray featured high quality synthetic leather and Yeah Racing Trademark yellow stitching for the racing look just like the gear knobs in racing cars. Beside the aggressive racing look, this particular tray is designed to be collapsible which allows hobbyist to carry it to a track and anywhere at ease because it is so easy to store.

Now you can spend more time on your RC rather than looking for the missing screws, let the tray to keep your small parts organised!!


For: Miscellaneous

Material: Synthetic leather

Color: Black with Yeah Racing Yellow Stitching


Easy to carry


Length: 107mm

Width: 107mm

Height: 30mm

Weight: g


Yeah Racing RC Synthetic Small Parts Tray (2 pcs)

  • Item #: YA-0326
  • Manufacturer: Yeah Racing
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: YA-0326
  • Condition: New

Yeah Racing RC Synthetic Small Parts Tray

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