Vanquish VVD Axial Wraith Version #2 5mm Stubs
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Vanquish Products VVD Axial Wraith Version #2 5mm Stubs

  • 5mm threads on stubs, includes 2 5mm nylon nuts
  • Comes hand polished and assembled
  • Ultra high strength cross pins
  • Anodized and laser engraved pin retainer ring
  • Twice as strong as stock universals
  • Heat treated and tempered
  • 50 degree steering angle
  • Full selection of rebuild parts available
  • Replaces AX30780, AX30779


****May require drilling out 12mm hexes to clear the 5mm threads

****May require slight grinding of screws that hold lower links mounts. Designed for maximum material between link mount screws, some rubbing may occur. If any rubbing occurs, a very simple slight grinding off of the link mount screw, where rubbing of the screw occurs, may be required.

  • Item #: VPS07030
  • Manufacturer: Vanquish Products
  • Condition: New

Vanquish VVD Axial Wraith Version #2 5mm Stubs

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