Vanquish Products CURRIE F9 AXLE for SCX10 Front BLACK
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Vanquish Products Currie F9 Aluminum Axle for Axial SCX10

  • Fully licensed by Currie Enterprises
  • Scale Truss
  • Realistic scale welds
  • Removable Third Member
  • Easy access to gears while assembling axle
  • Comes with One Piece Bearing Retainers (Patent Pending)
  • Has a larger pinion bearing than stock
  • Vanquish SCX10 Axle Servo Mount VPS04450, VPS04451, VPS04455 optional


****Manufactured to fit Axial Locker or Vanquish Products Locker

****Stock Axial SCX links are not compatible with the Currie F9 Axle


Includes the following:

  • 1pc Currie F9 Pumpkin
  • 2pcs Bearing Reatiners
  • 1pc Currie F9 Front Truss
  • 1pc Currie F9 Third Member
  • 2pc SCX10 Front Tubes
  • 2pcs Currie Link Mounts
  • Instructions


Does not include the following:

  • axle shafts, hexes, ring and pinion or locker
  • Item #: VPS07830
  • Manufacturer: Vanquish Products
  • Condition: New

Vanquish Products CURRIE F9 AXLE for SCX10 Front BLACK

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