Vanquish INCISION YETI VDI Drive Shafts
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Incision VDI for Axial Yeti

  • Replaces stock axle shafts with smooth CV style joint
  • Come assembled for easy installation
  • Ultra high strength cross pins
  • Stub axle drilled for alternate cross pin location
  • Anodized collars and black oxide coated shafts
  • 45 degrees of steering angle
  • Rebuild or upgrade all components of the VDI shafts using Vanquish VVD parts
  • Some rubbing may occur initially at the link mount screws due to larger diameter shafts. 


****May require slight grinding of screws that hold lower link mounts.

  • Item #: IRC00021
  • Manufacturer: Vanquish Products
  • Condition: New

Vanquish INCISION YETI VDI Drive Shafts

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