MIP Spline CVD™ Center Drive Kit, Axial Wraith
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MIP center driveshafts for the Axial line of vehicles are nothing short of legendary in the rock crawling community. But, for a while now the Axial Wraith drive shafts were in need of a face lift to incorporate the running changes that have occurred over at Axial including their outputs now featuring a hole for drive shaft attachment. MIP’s new Wraith Axles will no longer feature the double set screw design to clamp onto the through hole but now incorporate a pin set screw for attachment. Along with that improvement we have also changed the drive hubs so that there is no longer any interference when it comes to making contact with the stock spur gear cover! Last, but not least, the best feature of this kit is that it covers all Wraith models! Get yours today and put your trust in MIP driveshafts for your rock crawling needs!
All Wraith Owners
RC Rock Crawling Approved design
Reliable Pin set Screw attachment
Xtra Durable Construct
Dual CVD articulation
40 degrees of angle
All Metal Design
Pin Set Screws
Spline Drive Technology
CVD Construct
Heat Treated Steal Components
Grease/Loctite included
Compatibility with all Wraith Models
100% Made in the USA
HW-SHSS 8-32 x 1/8 Flat Point (4), MIP Confetti Sticker (2), MIP Thread Gel Safety Sheet (1), HW-PIN/ Ø3/32 x 5/8in Replacement Cross Pins (4), 1/4” x 3/8” Coupling (4), MIP Lube & Thread Gel Cup (1), MIP C-Drive Male Bone AX10 Scorpion (2), MIP CVD™ Spline Bone Female Axial AX10 (2), MIP 5mm Drive Hub Long Axial Wraith (2), MIP 5mm Drive Hub Std Axial Wraith (2), MIP Inst. Sheet Axial C-Drives (1), HW-SHSS, M3 x .099 Pin Screw (4)



1.5mm Allen Key – (Suggest - #9007 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 1.5mm)

2.0mm Allen Key – (Suggest - #9008 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 2.0mm)



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MIP Spline CVD™ Center Drive Kit, Axial Wraith

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