Hot-Racing 1/10 Scale Red Tow Shackle D-Rings
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Hot Racing 1/10th scale red tow shackles (D-rings) for the Axial SCX10 Jeep, the AX80125 front bumper, the AX80126 rear, or other custom project
- Metal case with a high level of detail for a realistic scale look
- Hand air brush painted red
- CNC machined and black anodized aluminum cross pins
- Direct fit on Axial SCX10 Jeep bumpers
- D-rings are essential for recovery efforts and a scale look
- Two (2) aluminum tow shackles with pins
- length: 16.5mm (0.65 inch)
- width: 13mm (0.5 inch)
- thickness: 3.2mm (0.13 inch)
- eyelet hole diameter: 6.5mm (0.25 inch)
- Recommended to use a removable-type locking adhesive on screws threading into metal
  • Item #: ACC808X02
  • Manufacturer: Hot-Racing
  • Condition: New

Hot-Racing 1/10 Scale Red Tow Shackle D-Rings

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