Fluid Film AS11 11 3/4oz Aerosol Spray Can (1)
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FLUID FILM has Unlimited Applications for the Conscientious Homeowner

One of the biggest problems or concerns with household products is the exposure of family members to harmful chemicals. FLUID FILM is an environmentally friendlier product; containing zero solvents and less than 1 percent VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Providing industrial strength corrosion protection and lubrication without the harshness of modern chemicals, FLUID FILM is safer for the environment than the most commonly used domestic products, and will easily outperform them all.

The secret is in the base: Lanolin has been used for centuries for its powerful anti-corrosive, moisturizing and lubricating qualities. After going through a complex manufacturing process, the FLUID FILM products provide superior corrosion protection and lubrication that could last up to 36 months for indoor applications. FLUID FILM is classified as non-toxic and non-hazardous.

From interior service on locks and hinges to outdoor lawn & garden equipment, FLUID FILM has the added benefit of adding a gloss to painted surfaces and shining up plastic. FLUID FILM is also useful in the garage, with numerous applications for vehicles and tools, even lubricating garage door runners with a no-drip application that stays slick and won't create a heavy dirt buildup.


Applications for Home


Bicycle & Motorcycle Chains

Use FLUID FILM to lubricate bottom brackets, derailleur, headseats, hubs, seat posts, nuts and bolts, gears, levers and brake cables. FLUID FILM is also an excellent chain lube. Spray on a light coat then wipe off excess. It provides lasting lubrication that penetrates to the inner pin and will not get tacky. FLUID FILM keeps chains from binding, freezing and getting a heavy dirt buildup.

We use our travel trailer all winter as we travel to and from the ski hill. With all of the road salt and grime we started having a real problem with the slide-out on the trailer. The tracks underneath were corroding and making a terrible screeching noise when we put the slide in or out. I sprayed some Fluid Film on the tracks and gears under the trailer and after running the slide in and out a few times the screech noise went away and the slide runs smoothly again. I was amazed at how the Fluid Film seemed to spread along all of the exposed metal and coat it evenly! I am sure that this product will allow us untroubled use of our trailer slide for years to come!

- Andy B

Garage Door Runners/ Hinges/ Locks

Fluid Film could last up to 36 months for indoor applications. No need to over apply. A small amount is all that is necessary. Fluid Film remains slick and will not attract a heavy dirt build-up.

My screen door has no squeaks, the lock doesn't stick, the gate goes up and down almost too easily, the mower deck which was rusted and when wet would really build up with grass, now clumps very little and what does stick just falls off without hardly a scrape. Truly a great product.

- Roald Hughes


For tools stored in the garage, Fluid Film keeps metals from corroding due to moisture and humidity. Spray directly on tool or on rag and rub in to keep from coming off on hands and clothes. Works excellent on table saws as well.

I have never found another lubricant that can perform like FLUID FILM. FLUID FILM also does a fantastic job of preventing rust on all my tools. FLUID FILM is always the can I reach for when I need a lubricant or corrosion preventer.

- Josh Martineau

Automotive Applications

FLUID FILM penetrates to stop annoying squeaks in seconds and lubricates door and trunk locks, seat tracks, hood hinges, etc for up to 36 months. FLUID FILM protects battery terminals and electrical connections, keeps brake dust from sticking to wheels, keeps bugs from sticking to bumpers, restores oxidized paint jobs, and offers long-term protection inside door jams and enclosed areas.

Spray it on nuts and bolts, under the engine and your battery terminals. Come back later--still wet=still protecting. I also have used it in the deck lid and the trunk under rubber plugs, in the spare tire well, and to treat recent quarter panel rust repair from the inside.

- Greg T


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Fluid Film AS11 11 3/4oz Aerosol Spray Can (1)

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