Boom Racing 1.55 Terra Classic 8-Hole Aluminum Beadlock Wheels
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  • Extremely hard anodized aluminum. Stronger and lighter than equivalent standard cast or billet machined part.
  • Scale fans can rejoice as Boom Racing released a new set of aluminum 1.55 beadlock wheels dubbed the Terra Classic 8-Hole. These 1.55s are scaled down versions of the popular 1:1 8-Hole beadlock wheels.

    1.55" beadlock
    25.5mm wide
    0mm offset
    12mm hex

    2x Terra Classic Aluminum Beadlock Wheels
    2x 3mm Aluminum Wheel WidenersAll Hardware
    All hardware

    Use an M2 socket head screw to install / remove the center cap scale bolts. Take any M2 socket head screw, mount it onto a tool handle, and use it as a tool to tighten / remove the center bolts on the hub.

  • Color: Gun Metal
  • Product weight: 112.00 grams
  • Factory description: Miscellaneous All Terra 1.55 Aluminum Beadlock Wheels +3mm Wideners (2) by Boom Racing
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BRW780906
  • Item #: BRW780906GM
  • Manufacturer: Boom Racing
  • Condition: New

Boom Racing 1.55 Terra Classic 8-Hole Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

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