Antigravity Micro-Start XP-5
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MICRO-START XP-5l Power Supply (PPS). In fact it is the size of Smart Phone, yet has so much power it can start your Motorcycle, any Powersports vehicle and even V6 trucks!!! (Not intended for large V-Twin motors.) But not only can it jump-start your vehicles it can also charge any of your USB-powered devices such as: Smart Phones, iPads, Tablets, GoPro Cameras, Bluetooth Devices and more. It has 6000 mAh of capacity and has a peak of 300 amps for jump starting! Ships directly from Antigravity Batteries.

Just charge it once and take back-up power wherever you go. No need to hunt for a power outlet or charging station. Weighing a mere 7.5 ounces and as small as a cell phone, you can easily take your Micro-Start anywhere! Whether you are riding, driving, camping or traveling, you can remain confident that you will be able to start your vehicle, or still make that important call if your battery is going dead on your cell phone. It even has a built-in flashlight with S.O.S patterns included! Whatever you do, don't get stuck without backup power again.



  1. The XP-5 is the world's smallest lithium-ion Jump Starter/Portable Power Supply available - only 5.25” x 3” x 0.5”,  and only 7.5 oz.
  2. Jump-Start Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Snowmobiles and Watercraft - and YES it will jump start your V6 truck!!! (Not intended for large V-Twin motors.)
  3. Charge and Power electronic devices such as: Cell Phones, iPads, iPhones, Kindles, PSPs, PDAs, GPS, MP3s, Bluetooth Devices, Cameras and more that use USB 5V charging standard.
  4. It has 2 on-board Power Ports: a Jump Start Port, and a USB 5V 2.1 amp output for charging and powering 5V USB charged devices.
  5. It has a LED flashlight with 2 built-in flash patterns including a S.O.S. flashing beacon pattern.
  6. It has a lighted battery capacity indicator. Press a button to see the battery capacity left in the Micro-Start.
  7. It has built-in over-charge and over-discharge protections for long battery life.
  8. It has an automatic power-off when not in use.

Want to learn more about why the MICRO-START is the BEST product of its kind? Visit our Micro-Starts FAQ page.




The Micro-Start XP-5 model comes in a Carry Case with all tips and attachments for jump-starting, charging electronics and charging the XP-5 unit.

  • Carry Case
  • Micro-Start XP-5 Unit
  • Detachable Mini Jumper Clamps
  • 1 White Universal USB Cable with 4 common tips (Mini USB, Micro USB, Apple 8 pin, Apple 30 pin connectors)
  • 1 Mobile Charger (plugs into cigarette lighter socket)
  • 1 Home Charger (plugs into wall outlet)



  • 150 Amp- 300 Peak Amp Jump Starting ability
  • 6000 mAh capacity
  • Weight is only 7.5 ounces
  • 5.25" long x 3" wide x 0.5" tall
  • Item #: XP-5
  • Manufacturer: Antigravity Batteries
  • Condition: New

Antigravity Micro-Start XP-5

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